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Childhood Obesity

Help Your Child Lose Weight Now

As we are all are starting to realize, more and more youth are becoming obese. Children are not getting out and playing as much as they used to. Too much time is spent on video games and computers. As a result, this is causing our children to become unhealthy. The good news is, there are ways to stop this from happening to your child.

            Is Your Child A Label?

Apart from being unhealthy when your child is overweight, but many times your child is labelled by peers and friends at school. Many are not aware of the emotional damage this can cause your child and stay with them for many years to come. Emotional abuse is a powerful thing, and packs a very negative punch. There’s nothing more precious to us than our children, and we should always do what we can to help them become all they can be. We want them to feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror. We want them to want to go to school and play outside with other children, not be locked up in their rooms because they know how other children will look at them or talk about them if they join a sport or simply want to play with the neighbourhood kids. There are ways to help your child, ways they will enjoy and not feel like it’s work. With your encouragment, you be amazed at what your child can accomplish.
 What You Can Do About It
Many of us are so busy with work, sitting in traffic after work, coming to make dinner, that seeing your child in front of the TV or on the computer for hours barely registers with you. You see them there, but you don’t really realize how long they been there and what they’ve been eatlng while they’ve been sitting there. In the back of your mind, you know you should limit the time the spend playing video games and watching TV, so you tell yourself you will talk to them about it. But do you? Will you? You might – if you knew there was fun and easy ways to help your child with this. Ways that will make them want to do it on their own, without telling them to. Many will do it to surprise you and make you proud of them. How great would that be? There are tons of tricks and ideas you can use to help your child along the way so they don’t feel like exercise and nutrition is a chore but fun to do instead. I reccommend a book by the well know author Brian Grasso who has been helping children for over 12 years now. He has written articles in magazines such as Mens Fitness, Mens Health and Sporting Kid to name a few. It’s worth read. For more on this book, click the folloing link. Click Here! I know there will be days where you are really strapped for time and can’t take time out to exercise with your child, a video may be the way to help. Click the following link for a good one. Click Here! You’re on your way to healthier children!